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一、Melisa Sudirman, 印度尼西亚


二、Abhilash Pattnaik,印度



In certain areas of Rajasthan, when a man passes away, relatives will employ some women as job-killers. Sometimes due to social status, family members are not allowed to publicly express their grief, while professional victims are represented on their behalf. And their cries can also cause sadness in other guests at the funeral.


三、Dan Knight,英国

This is Simon Allison, a mid-to-high end brand pets food taster from Marks & Spencer. He is a "senior food technician." Of course, due to health factors, he tends to spit rather than swallow when he tries to eat. He always has a glass of water at work.

四、这是 Simon Allison,中高端品牌 Marks & Spencer 的宠物食品试吃员。他是一名“高级食品科技员”。当然了,由于健康的因素,试吃时他倾向于吐出来,而不是咽下去。工作的时候他也总有一杯水在手边。

四、David Stewart,澳大利亚

Royal Airborne Medical Services.


Our country is too big and the population is too small. Some people live in places where they have to drive a full day to reach a small town. Therefore, in 1928, Pope John Flynn proposed to fly doctors to residents in remote areas for his or her services. This service is still running today.

我们的国家太大,人口太少,有的人居住的地方要开一整天的车才能到达一个小镇。因此1928年,教宗长老 John Flynn 提出了让医生飞往偏远地区居民身边为其看病的服务。这一服务至今仍在运行。

五、Sreeram N Ramasubramanian,印度

Mumbai train fare insurance.


Every day, there are 6 million passengers riding the railways in the Mumbai area. It is difficult to check tickets, so the check is random. If you are caught escaping, you need to pay a fine. This insurance only costs 100 rupees per month. If you are caught escaping, he will pay full fines.


Of course, this service is illegal.


六、Felipe Archangelo,巴西

Carport Guard.


These gentlemen, when you park on the street, ask you for money to watch the car for you. This charge is not mandatory, but if you don't pay, waiting for you to return, most of your body will be crossed, and even the windows have been opened.




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