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  • Kartik Ayyar,(768票)

  • Benjamin Nick (630票)

  • Jordan Meadows (270票)

  • Steve Tamburello (130票)

  • Mohit Tandon (90票)


一、Kartik Ayyar,(768票):

While traveling abroad, you can use Google Maps as a free GPS without an international data plan by making use of its hidden offline maps feature.

出国的时候(或者在没有信号的地方),通过隐藏的离线地图功能,你可以把 Google 地图当免费的GPS 导航用。

You can use this feature by simply zooming to a map area you want offline in the maps app and typing "ok maps" into the search box, and then this data will be available even when you don't have data connectivity.

使用方法是,将地图缩放到你想要离线的位置,然后在搜索框中敲入:ok maps,于是这个地区的离线数据就自动下载到你的手机里了。

This works in both the iOS and Android apps. I also suggest "starring" places of interest since you can't search or route when offline. For routes, take screenshots of searches when you are online ( say you have wifi at the hotel) and use them as guides.

当然,这个技巧在 iOS 和 Andorid 上是通用的。我也建议您将重要的地方打上星号,这样在没有信号的时候依然可以找到。你还可在有信号的地方查好路径,然后截图下来当做地图用。


二、Benjamin Nick (630票):

Well. It's probably not the coolest feature but it's really really helpful when you're busy. Set your iPhone to airplane mode before you charge it. The battery will recharge as twice as fast. It'll just take a shower and a coffee to be fully loaded!


三、Jordan Meadows (270票):

Keyboard: when you need to type a number (or shift key as well) it can be inconvenient to switch to numbers, type one number then switch back to letters.


If you press, and hold the number key then slide to the number and lift your finger off it will type the number and automatically switch back to previous keyboard.



四、Steve Tamburello (130票):

On the Calculator app if you wish to delete the last digit you inputted you can just swipe across the readout rather than pressing cancel.


五、Mohit Tandon (90票):

To switch off flash light, in the locked screen, just pull camera icon on bottom right half way up and let it go down back. Its faster than pulling up the control centre and switching off the flash light.




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