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The launch of China-made aircraft carrier, the world's first photon quantum computer, the first ship of spacecraft, the success of the launch of Tianzhou-1, the success of the launch of the domestic large-format passenger aircraft C919, domestic offshore drilling platform realized the exploitation of combustible ice, the successful trial of "sea rice", “CR” China standard high-speed rail starting etc., China has gradually entered a new era of breakthrough, a number of science and technology in the same level or even higher level with the world.


The 2017 Global Innovation Index released jointly by WIPO and Cornell University shows that China's international rankings have risen from 25 in 2016 to 22 in 2017. China become the only middle-income country to enter the top 25 groups, and successfully ascended in Global innovation leader rank.




During the "One Belt, One Road" International Cooperation Summit, surveys of 20 youths showed that high-speed rail, online shopping, Alipay and bicycle sharing were the four "new big inventions" in the minds of foreigners in China. The "new big four inventions" embodying the concept of new development have also been exported abroad to contribute new "Chinese dividends" to the world.


Among the "new four inventions", high-speed rail and online shopping didn’t origins from China, but Chinese people have made it into a shiny "Chinese business card" with their own wisdom and creativity. What does it mean? In the words of experts, the era of pure "Userism" has ended and China's innovation operation is entering a virtuous circle.



Before the the 19th CPC National Congress in this year, China held the diplomatic activities of major international events at the 9th summit of the "One Belt and One Road" International Cooperation Summit and the leaders of the BRICS countries, impressing the world. Xiamen Meeting met to create “the second golden decade” in September 2017 and achieved more than 30 pragmatic results.


On December 1, for the first time, the Chinese Communist Party held high-level dialogues with various political parties in the world and the leaders of nearly 300 political parties and political organizations jointly discussed the development of political parties in Beijing. These three major diplomatic activities are the successful practice of the distinguished diplomacy of our country with big countries and expanded our "circle of friends."




In 2017, China's "ballpoint pen" was on fire. In January, TISCO finally made a ballpoint pen, which is expected to completely replace imported", this news not only hot in the domestic, but also drew the world attention.


For example, the US news site QUZRTZ used title "A small ballpoint pen become a new symbol of China's innovative economy."The lack of ballpoint pen manufacturing technology has always been a shame in China's manufacturing industry. In fact, this seemingly small achievement is of extraordinary significance!



Roast duck, hot pot, Laoganma, spicy ... Chinese delicious constantly were liked by overseas, Chinese food became world food. Foreign dignitaries also became fans after eating chinese food: Biden loves to eat fried liver; Cameron made the red coriander balls popular; Merkel almost ate a whole dish of Kung pao chicken... ... Even the Chinese spices are also much loved. In the same day, McDonald's re-introduced a Sichuan spicy sauce after 20 years. This Chinese flavour inspired the United States again. A large number of customers poured into restaurants and even the police ran to maintain order.




Dark circles, short legs, love rolling, the national treasure panda "GunGun"’s adorable, attracting countless photographers, also attracting lost of fans at home and abroad. Panda has become a superstar overseas. Panda "GunGun" overseas life is very busy: busy birthday, busy with a second child, busy enjoying food, busy acting cute, but also busy living "mansion" ... In 4th December, Brigitte Attended the naming ceremony of the 4-month-old “Mini Round” Panda, Aberdeen formally named it a "Realize Dream", which symbolizes the dream come true.



The cover of the 11th issue of the Asian edition of Time magazine is based on the color of the Chinese national flag and "China won" in both Chinese and English. This is the first time that the cover of Time magazine appears in two languages. The German magazine Der Spiegel also covers China in November. The background is red color, the letter is golden color, this issue cover article used "Awakening Giant" as the title, with 9 pages, more than 6000 words length to introduce various fields in China. Western media reports on China are also changing: the reporting perspective is gradually turned from overlook to same level.





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